Some of my favorite hillbillies

By Anita GarnerBe still my heart.
They’re back with a new season Sunday, April 7th on DIY network.

I have a crush on these hillbillies.  Barnwood Builders started a few seasons ago and since then I’ve watched every show in repeats while waiting for new episodes. (Repeats are still airing on Discovery Network.)

If you love old buildings, American history and tradition, you’ll enjoy these guys. It’s men with big hearts and muscle and their commitment to keeping some of the old ways alive. It’s fun to see good people loving what they do and doing it well.  

Now my dvr on Sunday nights includes CBS 60 Minutes, whatever series I’m watching on PBS/Masterpiece – and Barnwood Builders.

Here’s my previous post about who they are and why I love them.  And here’s a link at DIY online to go behind the scenes.


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