Movies without popcorn?

Every time I think about the recently released actual calorie/fat content of movie popcorn, it ruins the prospect of seeing a new movie. I’m incapable of sitting in a movie theatre without the popcorn. In fact, theatre popcorn is one of the main reasons for going out to see a movie.

I understand this is illogical, and that if too many other people felt this way, it would be bad for the movie industry. Fortunately, most people are willing to engage their rational minds at the theatre, but for me, considerations of whether I go to a theatre for the film or for the popcorn are moot, because I know I’m not going to have one without the other.

At home, I don’t make popcorn every time I watch a movie. I subscribe to Netflix and pay for just about every premium cable channel, so there are plenty of movie-watching choices here. But at the theatre, I must have it. Of course there’s no fair comparison, because nothing we make at home is exactly like the golden/fragrant/caloric pile of pure bliss that’s scooped into those bags and handed over the counter.

Shall I go now, or wait ‘til the movie’s released on dvd and save my hips the punishment? Those aren’t the only options, you say? Well, of course not, but mature choices don’t play a role in this decision.

Armed with this knowledge about the nutritional damage I’m inflicting on myself at the theatre (I’m including a link, below, to one of the many stories about this) I now have reached the same point as the over-stimulated, overwrought, pouting child, when the adult in charge, frustrated from trying to broker an agreement, asks, “Well, then if that’s the way you feel, would you rather have none?”

I guess it’ll be none for me, until I really, really want to see a movie so badly (before the dvd release) that I will go ahead and wade into another grease-smeared bag of guilt.

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4 thoughts on “Movies without popcorn?”

  1. When did we decide it’s okay to bully people about their eating and drinking habits?

    When did we decide that imposing guilt and worry on total strangers is a noble pursuit?

    Can we just go back to minding our own business? I suppose not.

  2. Well, as far a whether or not to indulge in that traditional, yummy box movie popcorn, I guess none of us will REALLY know which way to go until Michelle Obama sends out her next “Don’t Eat What I Eat, Eat What I Say” … list. After all, I’m only 66 years old and just now learning how to tie my own shoes. That, and I’m almost potty trained.

    Meanwhile, welcome back to the blog, my friend. I just love reading your stuff and am looking forward to a bunch more of it. : – )

  3. Hi Anita!

    I have been thinking about you & the good times we had in the 70’s & 80’s! I hope you are well & full of the JOY you always showed to your clients!

    Every time I See a PRIDE Van I think of how we created the Logo…do you see Thad? Herb lives in Albequere…
    Hope to hear from you…

  4. Judy1 How wonderful to hear from you. We were all so proud of the work we did together with you for PRIDE. I just sent you a private email. Let’s catch up.

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