Missing You. Deli Dreams.

By Anita Garner

Everyone’s posting on social media about what they miss during quarantine, what they’re looking forward to when we’re allowed to mingle.  Some people say poetic things about giving and getting hugs and being out in nature. For me, it’s deli.

My friend, Karin Moss, and I are both deli lovers.  We share conversations about meals at our favorite delis from  years in the entertainment industry in L.A.  I don’t think it’s coincidence that I lived around the corner from Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City and a quick walk away from Art’s.

Now we’re both in Northern California eagerly awaiting the opening of a new deli in Sonoma County.  Full name:  Grossman’s Noshery & Bar.  We had lunch all planned but before we could catch even a whiff of a bagel, quarantine postponed our chat ‘n chew date.

Grossman’s is ready.  You can see them in there cooking up tantalizing stuff for pickup, but we’re not allowed inside yet. They occupy a corner of the historic Hotel La  Rose building in Santa Rosa across the street from Railroad Square where Peanuts statues stand, paying tribute to local genius Charles Schulz and watching over all that goodness.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown watch the building across the street
because that’s where the deli is.

Woodstock and Lucy probably dream of soup

When we’re free to roam, here’s how I see this going:   Bagels to start, then properly fortified, a swing through the Russian River redwoods to catch up at Howard Station Cafe in Occidental.  Overnight on the coast and back through the woods in time for a tall corned beef on rye at Grossman’s. Maybe a little something to take home. A perfect Sonoma County weekend.

Howard’s, Occidental, CA

Bonus view of side street next to Howard’s.

Until this can happen, we chat about whatever subject is at hand and one of us signs off with some version of “Can’t wait for our nosh at Grossman’s.”



10 thoughts on “Missing You. Deli Dreams.”

  1. Howard’s Station! For many years, decades even, my sisters and I have gone off for a short week together. One of our favorite destinations is a beach house at Dillon. My friend Adrienne said we needed to go to Occidental, that she grew up there. And to remember to eat at Howard’s Station. We love the food and the ambiance, and we enjoy the Hand Goods store, the herb store, the toy store, the antique stores. Such a small place with so many things to see and touch. Now a trip to the ocean is not the same without an afternoon in Occidental.

  2. Smacking my lips right now just thinking about my soon to be ordered corned beef on rye, side of potato latkes (with both sour cream and apple sauce!) and a Dr. Brown’s Crème Soda!

  3. Can’t wait for that to be our next Chat ‘n Chew! Sonoma County misses you too (as do I).

  4. Ah Miss L – I’ve been thinking of you. You’ve introduced me to so many great chat ‘n chew spots in Sonoma County. Can’t wait for the next overnight so there’ll be a chance for more than one great meal. Hugs.

  5. I think just walking into a deli is the very best part. The aroma is divine. There used to be one close to ARC I absolutely loved. Grossman’s make the trek home from the coast a bit less arduous. Salami!

  6. Yes – agree – deli aroma is worth the trip. Don’t know why it’s been so difficult to find (and keep) a serviceable all-around plain old deli in these parts. Any excuse to spend time in Sonoma County though – and a deli’s as good as any.

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