Missing Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet passed away last week at the age of 73.  Now that this handsome man with the big, beautiful baritone and the wicked sense of humor has left us, it’s not likely we’ll hear a voice like that coming from a face like that, with a twinkle in the eye like that, ever again. 

Many of us ladies were introduced to him in our teens, when slightly older women of our acquaintance obtained a copy of the 1960 cast album from “Camelot.”  In my house we had lots of music – bluegrass and blues, old church hymns and southern gospel and lots of country, but we had nothing from Broadway.  Those songs were a world away until cousin Mildred, a sophisticated woman in her early twenties, from Odessa, Texas, got hold of that record with Mr. Goulet singing “If Ever I Would Leave You” and we were gone, all of us.

In 1972 when his “Wonderful World of Christmas” LP was released, my young family declared it an instant favorite.  Every Thanksgiving evening for many years we ceremoniously stacked the Christmas records by the turntable and welcomed the season.

Today I’m delving into boxes to retrieve the Christmas CD’s that replaced the vinyl.  I have a hankering to hear Mr. Goulet sing “Hurry Home For Christmas” right now.  When the season is over and I pack up the music to go back to storage, I’ll be keeping this one out.

Ó By Anita Garner

2 thoughts on “Missing Robert Goulet”

  1. I love the way you can internalize something as global and watered-down as the death of an entertainer. I mean, it’s not like you knew him personally but still, you have perfectly captured the feelings many of us have when an especially loved entertainer passes.

    For me — Dean Martin and somewhat oddly, Jimmy Durante. Oh, how the world misses them! I do, at least.

    And your exact words could be mine to describe Andy Williams. (No relation that I’m aware of.) The Andy Williams Christmas Album makes me want to cry for the comfort of my parents’ home and protection, my mother’s cooking and her singing while she did it.

    Thanks, Hammy, for moving us again.


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