Defending Fruitcake

By Anita Garner

Every year about this time I have to come over here and defend fruitcakes.  If I didn’t, some of y’all would be using them to build tiny houses.  They’re heavy, yes but sturdiness is part of the charm. A chunk of fruitcake should offer some resistance when you pick it up.  A stomach should know it’s had some fruitcake. What’s the point if it looks and tastes like other cakes? I like the loaf shapes, heavy as bricks.

I like the ones in a circle with chunks of candied fruit protruding. I like them all.  I tried to make fruitcake at home a couple of times. Mine didn’t have the heft and the mysterious bits of things like the ones you can order. I don’t even know what all those chunks are.  Don’t care.  Old or new, a fruitcake looks and tastes the same after weeks. Somehow words make this sound like a bad thing, but my mouth waters and I’m about to begin my once a year fruitcake sampling festival.

My family has ordered from Collin Street Bakery in Texas, Sunnyland Farms in Georgia, Harry & David in Oregon and Vermont Country Store.  Sunnyland Farms added gluten free, light or dark cake, heavy on the pecans if you choose. All these fruitcakes are colorful and weighty and loyal.  They’ll stick by you for a long, long time.


4 thoughts on “Defending Fruitcake”

  1. Wow. Another person that likes fruit cake. I was alone in my world until now. It’s wonderful to find another fan! I believe my first taste of fruit cake was from the Claxton Bakery of GA and I was instantly hooked. Once again your marvellous post brings another smile.

  2. Hi Kathy – we should start a club. We could taste the much heralded fruitcakes from everywhere and compare notes. Let the doubters have their other treats. I’ll take all the fruitcake I can get!

  3. My mother used to try to make her own brand of fruitcake – it was so terrible! Then as an adult, someone sent a Vermont Country fruitcake. I, being a friend of hers, tried it and have ordered from them
    every since.

  4. Hi Pammy Jean – another vote from me for Vermont Country Store. In fact every food item I’ve ordered from them has been terrific. And Happy Holidays to you. Go get some fruitcake and we’ll toast the season.

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