Curtains? Miles of windows to cover before I sleep. Help!

I just moved into an old cottage with oddly-shaped rooms and miles of windows of various sizes. Love the windows, but my $$$ total for curtains and rods purchased so far – for only two of these rooms – is scary. Winter’s here and soon family will visit and I’ve got bare windows.  I don’t sew. Any ideas for cheap solutions?  I’ve just posted this in the “wanted” section of Craigslist in my area:

Curtains? Does anybody have any neutral ones for sale? 

Tiers? Tab tops? Panels? Cafes? Just moved into an old cottage with walls of windows – all different sizes. The good part is windows are lovely. The iffy part is buying curtains to cover all. So I decided to just cover the whole dang wall of windows in something inexpensive-to- free. Anybody have any neutral colored tiers or cafes or even panels?

First is the kitchen with a wall of windows that measures 85″ wide x 34″ long. I’m flexible about fabric – just not too sheer. As for color -something that  doesn’t scream. White? Beige? Brown? Tan? Ivory? Cream? Neutral of any kind. I have tons of curtains in storage myself, but none fit this configuration. Ain’t it always the way? Thanks for your creative thinking.


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4 thoughts on “Curtains? Miles of windows to cover before I sleep. Help!”

  1. We’re having a yard sale today and Carolann just sold some curtains. You should hit yard sales and buy up whatever you find. An assortment of styles and colors will look beautifully eclectic if you surround it with other stuff that makes no sense together.

  2. A trip from San Francisco to around Pasadena to pick up some yard sale curtains doesn’t sound like such a stretch after the week I’ve had. I’ll hold off covering those windows and check out some yard sales – but maybe closer to home. Hope you guys sell it all.

  3. Look no further, my friend! I am in the middle of packing, hurling and reconsidering many thrift and “what-a-deal” curtain purchases. I will put together the Anita box and make sure you get the goods soon!

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