Fifty is the new forever.

For a couple of generations at least, we’ve succeeded in blurring age lines – literally.  Aging doesn’t happen gradually anymore.  Now we age in clumps of time and style. First we’re very young – say teenagers.  Then we continue to dress like teens for at least another decade – sometimes two. 

Then there’s the hip young adult period which often hangs around way past hip or young.  Then comes a day of reckoning  – sometime in our late 40’s.  Nah.  No reason to give in now.   

Which could make 50 even more of a shock when it arrives.  Except nothing seems inevitable any more.  Because now everybody looks 50 forever.

We’ve heard the saying “At 50 a woman gets the face she deserves” but that’s not happening if we can help it.  Past sins of bad nutrition, too many late nights and other forms of over-indulgence are smoothed over with new ways of caring for ourselves – and that’s without even considering surgery.

Here’s a thought.  Since mommy and grandma look so similar, kids in the future may never know what old looks like.  

Ó Anita Garner 2009