The annual October dilemma

The question is not who will win the World Series. It’s not who will win the election. It’s Halloween. All the Halloween candy is on sale, and if I buy it in advance, I will eat it in advance. Meanwhile the giant Tupperware bowl that holds the treats on the bench by the door, sits empty and forlorn. And coupons which will save me ALMOST HALF* the cost of my candy purchases, are set to expire before Halloween.

What to do, what to do, what to do….

* Note: The upper case letters may be a cry for help.

8 thoughts on “The annual October dilemma”

  1. But Mikey, that makes me so sad. Filling my candy bowl with treats I don’t like is a slap in the face of a wonderful tradition. Sigh.

  2. Don, you are right, of course. There’s really no problem here, once a person has her priorities straight.

  3. Well, unless it’s jumbo bags of Reese’s Pieces (my addiction), I usually take a pass. I mean, even if it’s on sale, stocking up on, say, Abba Zabba’s in bulk is like chewing fruit cake: Nobody with $500 dollar crowns eats that stuff. Not unless they’re planning on putting their dentist’s kid through four years at Stanford.


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