Read the instructions first? Really?

Now comes the time for getting acquainted with our new products.  Assembly instructions.  Operating manuals.   Warranties.  Oh my. It’s not just the digital camera, the cell phone, the hand steamer, the bagless vacuum with three different filters, it’s also the computer which had to be replaced in an ill-timed holiday rush.

Because of gifts received and necessary purchases and appliances that broke and even furniture (good old Ikea) there’s a stack of booklets on the table screaming, “Read me.”  I say,  “Fat chance”  and keep walking.  

The simplest gadget of all – the hand-held steamer  –  is the one so far that refuses to cooperate.  It has two attachments – a brush and a lint thingy – meant to keep the steam a safe distance away from delicate fabrics. The attachments won’t attach.  We resorted to reading the three page booklet -obviously translated from another language.  It says, specifically, “Slide the attachment into place.”  There’s no possible way to “slide” anything.  If it’s going on there, it’d be more of a “snapping” into place.   We tried snapping.  Then forcing.  The parts don’t fit. 

So I filled the reservoir and steamed away without attachments, carefully keeping it away from the silk blouse I need to wear immediately. It spat at me.  

At this point I’m farther along with the new computer than the so-simple-a-child-can-do-it hand steamer. 

Top of To Do List before the new year:  Must sit down and read all instructions. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

© Anita Garner 2009