October Thirty One-th

october-30-2010-first-tooth-gone-tooth-fairy-pillowJust had a conversation with a small friend.  A very close friend.  She reported that the first baby tooth has come out.  First tooth fairy payoff received this morning. Her “Belle” princess costume is ready for trick or treating.  Birthday party invitations were just sent out for a November date.  When asked about so much going on, the five year old said that yes, she is very excited.  She said, “Today is October thirty.  Tomorrow is the thirty one-th and after that is November and that’s my birthday year.”

You go girl.  Celebrate all over the place. Stretch it out as far as it’ll go. Make it last, and I’ll join your party in progress. Soon enough the world sends us reminders about real life, some of them the distinctly non-celebratory kind.  So let’s get started on your birthday right away and keep it going all year.

2 thoughts on “October Thirty One-th”

  1. As a parent I watched my son grow through the ages and stages with amusement and delight. As a grandparent I watch my grandsons grow with a new depth of wonder and amazement, and a new, deeper love of God.

    I remember my 5th birthday pretty well. It’s all on the record from here on out.

  2. Wow, five Tooth Fairy bucks for a single tooth? Nice work if you can get it. Then again, I’m obviously showing my advancing age. If memory still serves, and I’m not all that certain it is, when I dropped my first tooth sometime around ’49 or ’50 – I could have got a whole set or dentures, a complimentary gum cleaning and a years supply of what some used to use for … dental floss.

    (uhh) I’ll have to check mom’s baby book records, but I think ol’ dad used to use a folded five dollar bill for that last job. Either that or torn-off corner of the Herald Examiner.

    I’ll get back to ya.

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