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For several years, the TV pickin’s have been slender around here, since I’m not a fan of legal shows, police or procedurals, or medical, supernatural, vampire-specific or futuristic shows, nor most reality shows.  What’s been missing are the comedy blocks from years past, the real escape stuff.  Plus every year I hope for something completely fresh and unexpected.  I’m still not over missing “Frasier.”  This week Kelsey Grammer’s new show, “Hank,” debuts and I hope it sticks, because the last one he tried didn’t – and the man’s a singular talent.  

With longer nights around the corner and the rainy season approaching, it’s nice to see a bunch of promising new shows in the mix.  I’ve already programmed  several of them for series taping.  There’s Drop Dead Diva, the new Community, Modern Family and Glee.  Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are back, and both Mad Men and Entourage recently returned.  Add Dancing With The Stars and my DVR’s getting more use these days than it has in ages.   

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3 thoughts on “New TV Season”

  1. I always preferred the sitcoms until recent years. Nobody seems to care for three dimensional characters anymore. Frasier, Cheers, Friends, M*A*S*H — these characters all had moments of sadness that infused the comedy with joy instead of pure silliness.

  2. Guess I am a wierd female. Love the blood and guts shows
    news shows and almost any kind of sports. I did love Frasier
    but that is about it on the comedy/humane side.

  3. I still haven’t figured out how to program my VCR much less a DVD! No Househusbands of Hollywood or Housewives of Atlanta? Two of my faves!

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