Lucky Pennies

By Anita Garner

Southern superstition in my family says when we find a penny on the ground, if it’s  heads up, we put it in our shoe and wear it the rest of the day.  I always do and when I remove the pennies I save them in a little vase.  Mother put a lucky penny in every new purse or wallet and never took it out. I do the same.

A gift from New England artist, Steve Bradford, is a keep-it-forever thing.  Here’s what he sent for my recent birthday.

I love jars.  I love wood.  As soon as this arrived, The Grand and I unpacked it and fell in love.

What to put inside?  Maybe a few bits of sparkle. I’m thinking an old rhinestone clip from the 40s now hiding in my jewelry box would fit up there in that small jar on top and a few tiny pine cones in the jar below.  The biggest jar could hold all the pennies I’ve been saving and all the pennies I’ll find in the future.  Lucky pennies.

Here’s another look at what an artist can do with empty jars and wood.

Steve specializes in assemblage art, but like many artists, he’s a practitioner of multiple disciplines.  Found objects and tiny morsels become feasts for the imagination. Click the picture below to visit his website and see more of his work.

Steve with Willow at Bayview Beach, Saco, Maine  


4 thoughts on “Lucky Pennies”

  1. Love this. And his jars, how awesome and that they open for treasures. Heart rocks for me. From the polished gorgeous gemstones to any find in any forest. If it says ?, it makes me smile and I keep it. Fond memories and I have hundreds all over the place. TY for sharing.

  2. Great idea, Robin! Your heart rocks will make Steve happy. He told me he’s eager to hear what treasures people put inside.

  3. What a great story, Anita! In the Northeast, where I grew up, we wouldn’t pick up a penny that was face down. We’d put the face up coins in our pocket, but we didn’t save them. I love that you collected them through the years.

    Steve’s art is really nice and a lot of fun! I share your fascination for wooden things. My guitar collection is proof of that.

    Thank you for sharing this story!

  4. Yes – pick up only the pennies that are heads up. I still can’t bring myself to remove a penny from a purse or wallet. When I donate them, I zip up pockets with pennies nside. Maybe passing on a penny will bring luck to the recipient. I’m an appreciator of people who can make things. Sounds like you are too, with your guitar collection.

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