Bucket List Book Tour

By Anita Garner

I’m in the book tour thinking stage, which happens before book tour planning, which happens before publication, which happens next year.  Of course I’ll go to the Deep South first – my stories move from the South to Southern California. Then an East Coast swing and other places to combine book talks with friend and family visits.

Then I must take The Glory Road to England.  I’ve never been.  I try not to be jealous of colleagues who work there, with their Abbey Road recording sessions, but I am.

What if there’s a combination bucket list trip/book tour? If that could happen, I’d stay a few weeks, rent a place near London transportation. Something cozy. A comfy bed and a small kitchen, a coffee maker for me and a window to watch tea drinkers go by.

One really should have high tea at The Ritz.  Or Claridges.  Or the Dorchester.  Business-related, of course, with much talk of books and such.  Then on to seek inspiration at places I’ve had crushes on for ages, places that have more to do with shows I watch and books I read.

Notting Hill, because it’s  photogenic and of course Hugh Grant’s in the movie. If I go into that famous bookstore of his I’ll say it’s work-related.

Holland Park, Jean Hardcastle’s home from As Time Goes By

Cornwall. Port Isaac.  Doc Martin would never forgive me if I didn’t stop in the village.

Lake District.  The scenery.

Then there’s Highclere castle.  Downton and all.

And two very Austen-centric stops, Chawton House, the manor where Jane’s brother, Edward, lived, and Jane Austen House, where she sat by her own  window to write.



Friends have moved to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and surely I should stop and say hello. Back in London, I’ll need to check on performing friends In the theatre district.

If time permits, perhaps watch Nigella Lawson tape one of her cooking shows or maybe Mary Berry will show me how to make a proper trifle.

My Mother’s people, the  Salisburys, were from England.  Daddy’s people were from Wales.  And getting back to book business, I’m in touch with UK fans of the music my parents recorded, rockabilly mixed with gospel mixed with country and blues and I hope to meet some of those fans.

Everyone says of course you must scoot over to Paris because it’s so close.  Work, work, work.



8 thoughts on “Bucket List Book Tour”

  1. I am nearly as excited for you as you must be for this all to becoming reality. Really looking forward to seeing your book on Amazon so I can get it!! You must go to Abby Road too ok?

  2. Yes, Bruce, absolutely Abbey Road. You know I’ll send up all kinds of flares the moment I know when the book is ready for pre-order.

  3. My first trip abroad was to England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. My niece arranged what I call a smorgasbord trip. Our first city was London and I couldn’t leave! We had to rearrange the rest of the trip so I could soak up all I could in a couple of days. Later, I swapped my house for one in Matlock (N of London) several times and spent weeks there and traveling. It was wonderful not being a tourist. If I could, I would rent a flat in London for six months and travel to York and Edinburgh but mostly stay around London. I always traveled by foot, bus or train so I could talk to people and see the countryside. I hope your plan and dream comes true!

  4. Grace – your experiences sound exactly like the dream I have. I’m going to go and see and do what I can with the release of the book, and I’m guessing I will then want to stay and stay again and again.

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