All those empty boxes!

After Christmas a friend said, only half-kidding, that he should hire himself out as a break-er down-er of Amazon boxes.  A news report later covered how many pounds of flattened Amazon boxes were taken to  recycling centers.  A staggering number. (Photo/Getty Images)

Our Amazon boxes lived outside under the eaves for weeks.  We flattened them bit by bit to squish them into the recycle bin for pickup.  We just finished the stack from Christmas.

Only after the holidays did I learn about Give Back Box.  I haven’t checked it out yet, but it looks interesting – a way to do some good while re-using all those empty boxes.


2 thoughts on “All those empty boxes!”

  1. My dad taught us to put the boxes out in the rain so they soften and are easily flattened. That takes up less room in the recycle bin. Been doing it ever since.

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