About this particular Dave Williams:

I have one of the most common and unremarkable names in the English language. I live in a North Texas town of 121,000 people and 24 of us named David Williams are listed in ZabaSearch. Three of us even share our middle name. I even have a friend named David Williams! I only mention this because if you’re looking for the Canadian astronaut, one of several football players or the dead singer of the rock band The Drowning Pool named David Williams you haven’t found him here.

I’m the Dave Williams born and raised in Sacramento. As of this writing I’m 67 years old and have spent the last 50 of those years talking on the radio for a living. I also write comedy plays, one self-published book and this blog.

I’m married to the lovely and feisty CarolAnn Williams and together we have two sons, two grandsons; two dogs and a cat, all of which is unremarkable.

Except to me.

Feel free to drop me a note: davewilliams0806@gmail.com


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