The book is called:

By Anita Garner & Dave Williams
(Available soon! Watch this space.)
Dave Williams and Anita Garner met in Northern California many years ago, passing ships in the rocking psychedelic twilight of the 1967 “Summer of Love.”  Dave, a teenage wannabe deejay, was enchanted by the first “chick” he had ever heard on the radio. She was called “Lovely ‘Nita,” (in honor of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album track, Lovely Rita.)  A couple of years later he got the radio job she had recently left behind. Through the years and their separate lives, travels, loves, marriages, and the recent, nearly simultaneous arrival of grandbabies they maintained their friendship and took notes.
Anita Garner is a writer and broadcaster, raised on radio,from her family's shows in the Deep South to a career on the air in California and as the host of nationally syndicated shows. Today she's a voice for KCET television in Hollywood.  Anita writes often about family and the South and music. She is the recent recipient of the John Steinbeck Short Story Award for her story "Hank Williams Was a Friend of Mine", and says "I'm thrilled that at least once my name will appear in the same sentence with John Steinbeck."  She lives near the giant redwoods in Marin County, California.
Dave Williams lives in Dallas with his wife of nearly 30 years, CarolAnn. They are both natives of Sacramento and arrived in Texas in early 2013 by way of a dozen years spent living and working in Los Angeles. Dave has made his living talking on the radio since 1969 and has, therefore, never had to actually work. Along the way he has received many big time broadcast honors but says he’s most gratified by the fact that CarolAnn still thinks he’s funny and that his kids and grandkids don’t seem to be terribly embarrassed or annoyed by him. He can be heard delivering news and goofing off a bit weekday mornings on AM 570 KLIF in Dallas.