Musical Tax Man

Scott, the family tax expert, declares himself a proud Okie, travels back and forth between his California and Oklahoma homes and if you ask nicely he might sing you a song.  He’s a big-hearted man. Tax extension deadline 8 AM and my ominous blue tax folder waits on the desk.  But first, a little Leonard Cohen.   Hallelujah.



One thought on “Musical Tax Man”

  1. I love this. Everyday people have the most amazing passions and talents.

    I’ll never hear “Hallelujah” the same way I did before listening to this podcast by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s 39 minutes long and never mentions the famous Cohen song for the first 13 minutes. It’s all about two types of creativity, the type that springs upon writers and visionaries overnight virtually finished and the type that festers for years.

    It took Cohen 15 years to finish “Hallelujah” and years more of adaption to get to the rapturous song we all know and love now.

    It makes me wish I had another hundred years at least to explore the ideas I haven’t got time to consider.

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