Sing out anyway!

I’d already written this, ready to post this morning,  then last night American Idol judges messed up my happy mood. So I added graffiti to the picture above.

Sometimes I watch American Idol or The Voice with my girls.  They’re fans.  I wander in and out. A crucial piece of each contestant’s story is how the singers get from where they started to here.

“I’ve lived my whole life on a tractor, never sang for more than ten or fifteen people at a time but here I am in Hollywood.

I embroidered that a little, but it’s close.

Talent is everywhere, but once it was nearly impossible to be discovered unless you lived in an entertainment center. One good thing about music competition shows – if you make it to one of their audition locations, you might get yourself noticed.

I like the solo auditions but I cringe when the finalists have to out-sing each other. I’m a wimp about young talent competing against other young talent so I walk away. Last night the girls came hollering down the hall to announce American Idol just eliminated sweet-faced, earnest, curly-headed Jeremiah.  I liked him best.  Obviously I am not strong enough for a whole season of this.

Getting from there to here still makes a good story, which is probably why reality shows keep telling it, and luck still plays a role, but if we’ve got something to say or sing and a way to post on You Tube, we can shout it to the world.

This video below already had millions of views by the time I heard about it.  Dad’s a musician who quit performing to support his family another way.  He did make it to The Voice, but didn’t win, but then Ellen invited Dad and Claire to her show.  I don’t know what’s going to happen next but in the meantime, sing out, Claire.




Music hath charms.

Music hath charms. YouTube helps me find them. Here’s the full quote.

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”

         …William Cosgreve, British poet, playwright.

Some days we’re the rocks, other times the knotted oaks. William, you would have loved YouTube.

Do you ever hear a song that’s not about anything you’re doing but it catches your attention and by the time the song ends, you’ve been lifted? The shift is not quite definable, not quantifiable, it just is.

I respect artists who post their work on You Tube where the world can share it. I’ve met excellent musicians there. Sometimes I go to YouTube in search of a particular song for a project and while I’m there, I meet musicians I haven’t heard before. That’s how I met Chris Whiteman.

Beautiful guitar, beautiful songs.  I say hey to him in the comments section on his Instagram or Facebook or YouTube accounts and let him know his music seems to arrive at exactly the right time.

I’ve never met him in person. Don’t need to. There’s a piece of his soul in the music he makes and that reminds me I should always do the same – put the personal into the product. Please do meet Chris online and from time to time I’ll pass along links for others I find and listen to and love.  I hope you’ll do the same.  Here’s a favorite – and below, a link to Chris’ YouTube account where all the videos he posts are available.

Chris Whiteman YouTube channel