The best part about this wedding.

Of course I’ll be watching, not so much for the big-ness of it all, but for the small details.  I’m watching shows about the roomful of women hand-making lace stitched with historical symbols, two men embroidering all that gold braid onto military uniforms.

Everything is fancy and shiny and one of a kind. The flowers, the cake, the coaches.  Nothing’s too small to go unreported. A British T.V. host even read from a document stating military uniforms must be worn by clean-shaven soldiers.  Will Harry receive special dispensation for his beard?

My favorite part will be the tiny groomsmen and bridesmaids carrying out their duties. I’m not sure what those duties are besides looking cute and scattering petals.  The best part is waiting for one to go rogue. Maybe one will fall out of step, or one will lack focus and stop and stare at the pews, and depending on their ages, one might decide not to go down the aisle at all.

We’ve seen their names.  We’ll soon see them all decked out in miniature wedding finery. I hope a couple of them get their feisty on and behave like regular children. I look at a couple of pictures from Pippa’s recent wedding and in my head I see fantasy captions.

On the left, the little girl and boy.  “Shut up.  No YOU shut up.”


This picture’s been described as Kate reminding Charlotte of her duties. I hear, “We TALKED about this.”


One more.  We all know this guy..








Either a comforting – it’s easy – just drop the petals.  Or maybe it’s already gone off the rails and she’s saying, we talked about this.