Favorite restaurant decor – Diner Edition.

White tablecloths and tinkling glasses and polished silver are good when you’re in the mood, but I also need to know where to find the funk.

This is my favorite restaurant decor.  Oilcloth on the table.
Bogey’s Cafe, San Rafael, CA

Or big fat padded leather swivel stools at the counter.  Or funky booths.  And iced tea while you wait.

Shoreline Coffee Shop, Mill Valley, CA
Intersection of 101 at Highway 1 (Muir Woods & Stinson Beach)

I was at Shoreline on Saturday for lunch.  (BLT and fries. Thanks for asking.) It’s been there for decades.  When the new owners took over a few years ago, they changed the menu to organic, locally-sourced everything but kept the funk.  Bogey’s is on Fourth Street – San Rafael’s main street for shopping, strolling and snacking.


I love old stuff.

I’ve been fond of old stuff since long before I was old stuff myself.  Other people’s furniture and accessories and dishes and even old clothes call to me.  I try to avoid chotchkes because shelf space is limited, but I keep an open heart about anything else I might fall in love with.

Even old pieces of metal that fell off some object can be fascinating. Especially old iron that’s rusting.  Old wood?  Don’t get me started. Favorite thrift shops require a whole day. I have my route.  I always have a wish list.  A stop for lunch or coffee and on to the next. Three current favorites are Hospice By The Bay “Hodgepodge” stores in San Rafael and Novato and Mt. Carmel Thrift in Mill Valley.