Kinky Boots

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I love to tell this story. It’s about generous performers, actors and singers, and four degrees of separation.  Greg (North) Zerkle directed a reading of my musical, The Glory Road in Los Angeles.

At the last minute, one of our actors had to drop out to take another role.  

Brent Schindele  said, “An actor I know is in town right now appearing in The Lion King at the Pantages.  Let’s see if he can do it.”

Brent Schindele

Brent contacted Eugene Ware-Hill, who came over from The Lion King and without rehearsal, performed at our reading.  He was magnificent.

                                                             Eugene Ware-Hill

Fast forward. Eugene is in Kinky Boots on Broadway. The Grand has a crush on a rock star, Brendon Urie  who sang a lead role in the show this summer. Her girlfriend was traveling to New York and would get to see the show.  The Grand couldn’t go. Heartbreak.

I asked Eugene if he could please get her an autograph. He did even more. He sent a Kinky Boots playbill with a personal note from Brendon addressed to the Grand. This treasure occupies the place of honor in her room.

              Playbill from Kinky Boots

I think about how these four degrees of gorgeous proved what our grammas used to say, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

And wait  – one more.

The musician playing this ukulele version of Lullaby of Broadway is Colin Tribe. Colin lives in England where he teaches, arranges and performs.

                                           Edward and his grandpa, Colin Tribe

Colin’s YouTube channel is linked below.

Or reach him here:

Halloween For The Costume Impaired

I’m not so good at Halloween preparations, but fortunately my daughter is, so I get to be the appreciator while the Grand and her mother concoct elaborate costumes.  Last year the young one was Flo from Progressive, with her hair sprayed black and that little hump on the top just like Flo’s teased hairdo.

This year she’s going as her favorite rock star who sometimes dresses as a ringmaster.  Red coat with black trim, vest, white gloves, top hat, eyeliner, the whole thing.

Picture this worn by a young lady.

Once I did paint the Grand’s toenails orange and black and made a messy job of it, but my contribution to the season was no less heartfelt, so I took a picture.

I’m good at Halloween treat selection, especially when confronted with bags of bite size candy bars. One caution for fellow treat shoppers: Pre-Halloween sampling.