Small Spaces

That’s a text I sent myself one day
to remind me, simple is perfect.

Cottages and bungalows and cabins.

Big, soft chairs.

Old lamps

Corners and nooks and window seats and alcoves 


Places to write become places to live.  I like it that way.  Even in a big house, I’ll end up in one room, in one corner with a comfortable chair,  a small table, a light to turn up or down.  A few old and much-loved tchotchkes here and there.  A window is nice.

I like looking at tiny houses.  Converted sheds in the back yard draw me in. Little outbuildings turned into offices with a single bed or comfy couch in case of company. Or in case the occupant needs a nap. That’s just about perfect.

It’s clear this is now a lifelong pattern.  Whatever the size of the place, I live mostly in one room. When I’m tired of it, I go into another room.  That’s two rooms so far.

The concept of small spaces seems normal for a writer.  Less distractions.  It’s cozy enough to be filled with thoughts, or in the absence of them, it’ll contain the angst.

4 thoughts on “Small Spaces”

  1. Morning my friend. Mom loved her tiny house and it’s a neat space. You should come visit it sometime. ?

  2. Once upon a time in immediate desperation I rented a house near Tahoe in winter, a place I could go to write in warm solitude. It was just me and my typewriter in a house with six bedrooms.

    I don’t recommend it.

  3. No no no. I’d immediately have to close the doors to all the bedrooms and keep just one. And maybe work out in a corner of the living room.

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