Sister Fern sings on TV 60 years later

Turned on TV Thursday night to watch a favorite show, A P Bio on NBC, and there’s Mother (Sister Fern Jones) singing “Didn’t It Rain”

It’s a funny show about a naughty-to-bad teacher.  Love the cast. These two pictured are Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt. Everybody’s at the top of their game.  The classroom’s filled with young talent. The teachers’ lounge is charmingly off-center and the school office has its own quirks.

I’m glad the writers and producers and music supervisors invite Sister Fern from time to time.   Her feisty rockabilly/gospel fits right in.



2 thoughts on “Sister Fern sings on TV 60 years later”

  1. I’ve never heard of this TV show but I will check it out on your recommendation.

    I’ve loved Sister Fern for years, thanks to you.

  2. Every time she comes on TV we smile and Cath hollers, Grandma! Nice for Caedan Ray to get acquainted with her Great-Grandparents, whom she didn’t get to meet.

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