Sing out anyway!

I’d already written this, ready to post this morning,  then last night American Idol judges messed up my happy mood. So I added graffiti to the picture above.

Sometimes I watch American Idol or The Voice with my girls.  They’re fans.  I wander in and out. A crucial piece of each contestant’s story is how the singers get from where they started to here.

“I’ve lived my whole life on a tractor, never sang for more than ten or fifteen people at a time but here I am in Hollywood.

I embroidered that a little, but it’s close.

Talent is everywhere, but once it was nearly impossible to be discovered unless you lived in an entertainment center. One good thing about music competition shows – if you make it to one of their audition locations, you might get yourself noticed.

I like the solo auditions but I cringe when the finalists have to out-sing each other. I’m a wimp about young talent competing against other young talent so I walk away. Last night the girls came hollering down the hall to announce American Idol just eliminated sweet-faced, earnest, curly-headed Jeremiah.  I liked him best.  Obviously I am not strong enough for a whole season of this.

Getting from there to here still makes a good story, which is probably why reality shows keep telling it, and luck still plays a role, but if we’ve got something to say or sing and a way to post on You Tube, we can shout it to the world.

This video below already had millions of views by the time I heard about it.  Dad’s a musician who quit performing to support his family another way.  He did make it to The Voice, but didn’t win, but then Ellen invited Dad and Claire to her show.  I don’t know what’s going to happen next but in the meantime, sing out, Claire.




2 thoughts on “Sing out anyway!”

  1. We used to watch American Idol before we cut the cord and went wireless. Liked the show but oddly, I don’t miss it. I rarely listen to music so I’m not sure what I liked about it. I’m not a huge fan of competition, like you apparently. Still, it is fun watching young people with enormous talent showing off in front of the world.

  2. Yes – the best part is knowing some of the young people are having their dreams come true early in life – but then comes the sad part – also early in life – when some are eliminated. As I said, I’m a wimp about that.

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