Rhythm Of The Rain

Rain’s starting. I love the sound of it, but not the metal downspouts outside the bedroom window, which sound nothing like the rain on the tin roof at my Arkansas Grandma’s house.

This sound is not whoosh or splash or drip drip drip. It’s more jackhammer than gentle. A helper says put sponges at the metal elbow. I keep replacing sponges. Drains keep spitting them out.

As I’m climbing into bed on a nice rainy night, here’s what the garden gnomes are saying.

Music for a rainy day

The Cascades


2 thoughts on “Rhythm Of The Rain”

  1. As you know I share your love of cool rainy days and nights. I can relate to the downspout problem, though. Love the garden gnomes!

    I also love that song and remember it well from way back in the early 60s. But now you’ve got it stuck in my head! 😉

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