It’s you and me, squirrel.

Not a bird in sight.

We took down the birdfeeder when a squirrel kept knocking all the seed to the ground.  He braced his haunches (if squirrels have those) on the tree above and stretched his acrobatic self down to the feeder.  This is our first birdfeeder so we’re learning squirrels know many ways to scam the system and while it’s a funny idea, it’s also a waste of birdseed.

Instead of buying a new squirrel-proof feeder, we kept the one we have.  We added wire to drop it down lower. If he figures a way to hang onto that wire and still knock the seed out, I hope he falls on his little squirrel butt.

Birds in the trees can be heard discussing whether it’s worth it to give it another try.  I’m waiting here by the window. May not be able to work today.

2 thoughts on “It’s you and me, squirrel.”

  1. Your post makes me smile really big. Wildlife management is very tricky at every level. At some point you have to decide whether to get a squirrel proof feeder or give up.

    In our neighborhood we don’t have squirrels because we have coyotes.

    Hey, maybe that’s your solution! 🙂

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