Appliance Attraction

I love a fancy fridge.  This time, sadly, it’s not mine. Here’s a picture of my new crush by dawn’s early light. It lives in the home of a friend. At a sleepover with girlfriends recently (We still say “sleepover” and we still say “girlfriends”) I was the first one awake.

Before daylight I sat with my iPad in the glow of a pretty lamp, just me and my iced Starbucks coffee, and I kept glancing at the shiny giant in the corner of the kitchen. I’ve known other refrigerators and other ice dispensers and  bonded with my share of them, but none was as quiet as this.

This tall handsome creature* plinked my glass full of ice in an instant without making any sound except plink, whoosh.  Iced coffee before 5 AM while the rest of the house sleeps, lots of cream, your choice of crushed or cubes without waking another soul – it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Feels only sporting to say the brand name. It’s LG.

2 thoughts on “Appliance Attraction”

  1. Nita Faye, I know the feeling. Yesterday a friend came by with his new Tesla and took me for a ride. Wow! I can die happy now.

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