Can We Save Lipstick Jungle?

There’s talk of canceling Lipstick Jungle. Please let’s keep it.  It’s one of the few shows I’m committed to.  I don’t feel a bond with legal shows and police shows and dark prison shows and killing shows and medical shows.  I only invest in relationship shows. 


I sit down with my coffee and remote and turn on that dvr and I’m transported into the latest goings-on within the group I’ve chosen to care about.

Lipstick Jungle is fun.  It’s as good as Sex And The City – maybe better. These women are grownups.  They achieve and then they stumble. They have their triumphs, some on a grand scale.  And then they have some of the same problems as – well – mostly nobody else I know has the same problems as these three women. 

One of the three main characters is a parent.  This parenting is done in a gorgeous loft in NYC.  Another wants to parent but can’t yet.  And, to put this all into perspective, one is dating a handsome billionaire. So – maybe there’s no common ground and maybe that’s why it’s fun.  

They look good.  Really good.  The show is beautiful to look at and yes, it does look expensive, but where’s the problem?  We don’t expect television shows to come cheap.  Entertainment should sometimes be lush and well-dressed.  I’ve had enough gritty.  Surely NBC can figure out how to cut corners somewhere else and spare this one.   

Lipstick Jungle is made for looking through the window at someone else’s life and choosing the parts we’d like to have and the parts we wouldn’t want. The best part about the show is the friendship.  These three ladies love each other.  They disagree and then they make up.  Most importantly, they show up for each other. 

I’m having trouble finding another relationship show to bond with, so please NBC, let’s bring Lipstick Jungle back for another season. 

Ó Anita Garner 2008


2 thoughts on “Can We Save Lipstick Jungle?”

  1. Maybe it’s just me , but as an ol’ graybeard with a B.A. in Fuddy Studies from the University of Barney Fife — one of my favorite relationship shows had to be … Leave It To Beaver.

    Wha … who?

    OK, snicker if you want — but as far as commitment goes — the one between Eddie Haskell and “The Beaver’s” mom was always heart warming during its weekly encounter. And as far as wardrobe appreciation — how many episodes went by without Eddie commenting: “My, that’s a lovely dress you’re wearing, Mrs Cleaver.”

    Yeah, Lipstick Jungle may have the plush stuff — but how often have you ever seen one of those gals vacuuming the living room in heels and a fresh house dress?

    tick-tick-tick …

    Man, if Mayfield ever makes an updated comeback — I can hear young Haskell now: “My, that’s a lovely Gucci bag you have, Mrs. Cleaver.”

    “Why thank you, Eddie. Now, wipe your feet; I just vacuumed that d–m rug.”

    (Golly, Wally)

  2. Shows which are character driven are always the most popular. As you say, you invest yourself with the people you choose to like. Doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy like Friends, Cheers and M*A*S*H or something more dramatic like House people care about people first. I think the producers have figured this out but they just can’t bear to relieve themselves of plots filled with the ultimate conflict: deadly danger. How boring.

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