Bedtime Companion

Early to bed, whether or not it’s daylight saving time.  This is my “Peeramid” for books and tablets.  Perfect for tummy TV.  It has pockets for granola bars. 




Mine is blue.


I got mine at Amazon, but this isn’t a commercial, just a picture of my real life at night.  That lady in the photo isn’t me.  Not nearly enough flannel on her.


2 thoughts on “Bedtime Companion”

  1. Another one of those simple things I wish I had invented. Looks nice and handy and comfy on the lap.

    But is it really called Peeramid? Is there a potty joke in there someplace?

  2. Smarty. And here I thought it was one of the cleverest names for a pyramid-shaped object. See, this is how boys and girls still absorb data in different ways. Think back to third/fourth grade and your potty joke would be hysterical. My pyramid defense would, of course be elegant as all get-out.

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