Avocado Dreams

If wishes came true, there’d be a mountain of lovely, bumpy, green/black California Hass  avocados waiting right outside the door, programmed like magic to mature and ripen in sequence.  There would never be a whole bunch of avocados bought on sale reaching their peak all at once.  When that happens, we have to switch menus quickly because avocados cost so much, losing one to over-ripeness can ruin a person’s mood.

Avocado update:

The bad news is:  Due to increased Southern California water costs, they are now costlier to grow. California produces 90% of the United States’ avocados. As of 2013, Mexico leads international exports, with other significant production in California, New Zealand, Peru, and South Africa.

The good news: There’s a rumor California may soon be able to grow avocados year round.

Bad  news:  That cost-of-water thing.


Music this week:  Banana Boat Song. Harry Belafonte.  The video features dancers.  Also Carmen Miranda, who wore more affordable fruits on her head.


2 thoughts on “Avocado Dreams”

  1. Love me some avacados!
    We had five mature avacado trees at our home in Southern California but took three of them out. They are a pain to maintain. The wood is extremely soft and they grow so fast you have to constantly trim them or huge branches fall off under their own weight.

  2. Not very sympathetic. Because you get to run outside and pick as many as you like and have guacamole EVERY DAY if you want.

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